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  Debugging wind
Posted by: 41south - 17-10-2018, 02:16 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (3)

Hi all

I'm slowly progressing with building and testing. Today I hooked up my Davis anemometer (7911) which is from a Wizard III station. The wiring all checks out as per the usual diagrams, the direction pot is 20k and the reed switch is 1 pulse per rev. 

But .....

On the internal web server of the station I see direction changes, but no wind recorded at all.
On the TFT of the Rx unit there is nothing, no direction and no wind speed.

It's been running for a couple of hours with a slight breeze. I can see pulses on the black wire so wind should be recorded.

Am I right that JP2 and R6 are not required for my hardware?

I have windspeed_sensor set at type 30

What is the best way to debug this please?

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  Date Question
Posted by: mikeyk - 16-10-2018, 02:12 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (4)

I have the WeatherDuino Pro 2 Plus RX, I have had it running for about a week now, running HTU21D Sensor and the BMP180 sensor (I did have a BMP280 sensor but I found the unit wouldn't boot up with it connected, so I've assumed it was faulty, luckily I had a spare BMP180 from another project)

I also have one TX board, it is only running a SHT31 sensor until I source a tipping bucket rain gauge, and an anemometer.

Thanks Werk for such an awesome project, it even kept my 6 year old daughter entertained and interested whilst I was assembling it.

I noticed a day ago that when the big clock comes on the date changes, but the time stays correct. e.g. Today I restarted the RX board, the time and date was correct, 16-10-2018 and the time 11:55am, then once the large clock appeared the date went to 06-09-2018, but the time stayed correct.
After touching the screen, the date is still wrong. It also shows up on the built in webserver page with the wrong date.

It does this with the USB connected or disconnected from a PC running CumulusMX.

On a side note (I can start a separate thread) I couldn't get it to work with WeeWX on a different machine running Ubuntu 16.04. I got the same issues reported in another thread ( .


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Question Transmisson power TX Modules
Posted by: engolling - 14-10-2018, 12:36 - Forum: Hardware Questions - Replies (9)

Hello community,

first I wish everybody a nice Sunday  Smile .

Disclaimer: Be aware of regulations of your country in sight of transmission power since the EIRP is relevant and you can have some additional gain because of beam effects of your antenna.

Since I have to bridge a pretty far distance with my TX modules with parts of houses and vegetation in between I had a poor transmission efficiency in my first tests.
I tested with different types of antennas in different angles and so on...

Moreover I saw, that someone here added a RF amplifier to get more transmission power.

I tried to find a datasheet of the transmitters used on the TX board and I found the following:

The input voltage vs. transmission power curve says, that it rises with about 0.85 dbm per additionally applied supply volt. This means you can gain 2.6dbm when suppling the transmitter with 12V instead of 9V. The negative aspect is, it will have more stress and may die earlier - which is in sight of price and simplicity of changing acceptable.

After reviewing the TX schematics, the 9V rail, after the 7809 linear regulator supplies:
 - Transmitter
 - Fan
 - Fan LED
 - 1117-5 linear regulator of 5V rail

So in my opinion it should be no problem to supply the TX board with 12V DC by changing the 7809 with a 7812 linear regulator or sourcing it directly with a 12V stabilized power supply by bridging the 7809. When supplying it with a battery you would have to integrate a Buck-Boost-Converter and prevent the battery from deep discharging.

So what's your opinion oder did I miss some trace in the schematics.

Best regards, engolling

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  Arduino Nano programming change
Posted by: Barrow4491 - 14-10-2018, 08:09 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (3)

I have been having some problems trying to upload to my nano in the Tx. I eventually came across a solution on line.
Apparently Arduino have released an upgraded Nano  with extra memory and now there are two bootloader versions “Old   bootloader” and “bootloader”. To upload to the “Chinese copy version” you must use the “old bootloader”.
I don’t know if everyone is aware of the change.

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  Lost Baro after sensor change
Posted by: 41south - 14-10-2018, 06:08 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (3)

Hi all

I was initially using the BME280 for temp/hum/baro on my RX board. I was unsure of the temp/hum readings of this sensor, they seemed a little high, so I've added a SHT31 sensor to take temp/hum readings from - leaving the BME280 just for baro.

My config is as below, but I no longer have baro/ATM readings on the display. Temp and hum are reading fine.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   Define the type of your Barometric Pressure Sensor
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define BAROMETRIC_SENSOR  0   // 0= BME280, 1= BMP280 2= BMP085 / BMP180

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   Define the type of your inside Temperature / Humidity Sensor
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define INSIDE_TH_SENSOR   3   // 0= BME280, 1= HTU21D, 2= SHT21, 3= SHT31

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS Receiver - Version: P2AT2560_RX_v7.0_b003

Any help would be appreciated to troubleshoot this one, baro was fine until I changed. Is this not a compatible configuration?


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